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Changing The Standard By Design.

Our slogan remains the same, even though we are rebranding to more precisely depict what Carter Architectural Panels Inc., and the EVO™ RIVETLESS™ extrusion system is about. We need to distance ourselves from the perception that we are an architectural panel fabricator. We use to be, but we are no longer. Through our patents, both issued and pending, on the extrusion system, which acts as the backbone or picture frame for the panel, Carter Architectural Panels Inc., is now the North American distributor for EVO™ RIVETLESS™ aluminum extrusion and panel design. Through our warehousing facilities in Arizona, Georgia and Ontario, we ship direct to our growing fabricator network across America, coast-to-coast-to-coast.


The knowledge and experience of coming from a fabricating and installation role, is invaluable. We designed the EVO™ RIVETLESS™ extrusion system to result in the best performing architectural panel in the market. It was for us to win contracts and grow as a panel fabricator. The demand for the superiority in value and performance of EVO™, as a solution, necessitated us stepping out of our role and embracing a challenge to meet our old competitors and provide them with our design and subsequent extrusion to win their own bids and duplicate ourselves. For legal reasons we eventually had to terminate fabricating all together, which brings us to today.

Our customer is the panel fabricator, which is why we have introduced a business model not previously available. Our strength is in identifying like-minded owners of architectural panel fabricating businesses and enabling them to become members of the EVO™ network. With a designed panel solution like EVO™ comes many advantages. Most powerful and challenging is the partner alliance.

The Innovative Evolution of
Architectural Extrusions

By bringing together industry leaders from various scopes of performance, we are addressing our raison d'être, to create a superior panel system within a superior wall assembly, to solve building envelope challenges into the future. From Architects & Spec Writers to Developers, we have experienced a growing interest in understanding the important role the perimeter extrusion plays in solving and mitigating concerns of architectural panel performance. With the advantages of the EVO™ RIVETLESS™ extrusion system we meet and educate decision-makers on the details of design, performance and economics behind the façade.

From a sketch pad to CAD, Carter Architectural Panels Inc., has brought 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion components into a realm of significant contribution to improving the buildings of our cities and the families that inhabit these structures. With our partner alliance and shared commitment to remain at the front of positive change, we welcome all like-minded players within our industry to join us to be better.

EVO™285 NFPA 285
Wall Assembly Solution with ROXUL CavityRock®

The building envelope wall assembly is becoming the focus of testing for new standards and innovations to meet the challenges for the urban build-out, like NFPA 285. Our shared confidence and corporate values enable Roxul and EVO™ to bring superior...

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Wall Assembly Solution with Rmax polyisocyanurate

As the first line of defense within the EVOMAXci™ Solution, the EVO™ panel performance will minimize exposure to water and wind on the Rmax ECOMAXci™, enabling a superior performance for the reinforced foil faced polyisocyanurate insulation. The overall R-value...

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