Oct 4 2016   |   by Joel McKinely   |   Insider, ACM Fabrication, Designing

Turn-Key Solutions for Fabricators and Installers That Want to Manufacturer Aluminum Composite Panel Systems

More often than not, when we are contacted by construction industry professionals who may be interested in manufacturing aluminum composite (ACM) panel systems for their own projects, there is usually a degree of apprehension about the risk of altering their current businesses model, to add a new product or service. To address that fear, you must first look at the ACM Panel industry overall.

With the ACM market growing steadily as it has year-over-year for the past 15 to 20 years, the number of companies that our now bidding additional exterior cladding types in the division 7 scope of work has also grown. It not uncommon now to see many different styles of companies dabble in ACM fabrication and installation on different occasions in an attempt to expand their scope of work and increase contract values. The most common companies being glass and glazing houses, smaller to medium sized sheet metal shops or low slope roofers.  The most traveled path for these companies to take is to purchase their composite panels from a larger or more experienced architectural building products company who may happen to have their products listed in the specification on that particular project.

The trend for these types of companies is to cautiously dip their toes into the industry for fear that trusting their new material lead times to another company, could potentially compromise existing customer relationships through a lack of control over construction schedules do to material delivery or availability. When all things are considered it is often believed the risks are too great and the result is a loss of opportunity for growth.  These new to ACM fabricating companies often have field personnel who are very well versed in the product and very capable of installing it correctly, but lack the in-house knowledge on where to begin with a design and testing, or what attributes and features will make for a unique and desirable wall panel system. The result is often confusion in attempting to find a competitive advantage and an entry point into the market that will make it profitable for them.

Removing the Risks through the use of a Turn-key Solution

It is very common for an existing business, fabricators or installers to want to explore the potential of manufacturing ACM but be unsure of where to start. Because of this, these companies may have historically steered away from acting on or researching legitimate options that may be available to help them get started in producing their own ACM Wall Panel Systems. What we have found and what we have to offer, is a turn-key solution that takes the risk out of becoming involved in the composite business.  Our approach with these well-established shops and reputable businesses willing to take the leap, is to fast track them 12 to 16 months into the process of becoming a composite fabricating business, eliminating the need to for them to engineer, develop, test and market their own system. This proven process is a game changing option we have made available to directly inject your company into a competitive industry with the most stringently tested and well-engineered system on the market, now effectively becoming their own. The result is the instant ability to tender high profile projects through a quality product offering. The proven track record of our turn-key solution, offers personalized testing reports, engineering data, CAD details, CNC router files and sales and marketing support in a neat and tidy package has become a low risk, great opportunity to grow and expand your business.

So How Do You Get Involved in a Turn-key Solution?

If you’re a fabricator or installer that may have been thinking about getting into manufacturing ACM Panel Systems for yourself, but are unsure how to, then it becomes very easy to simply put off the decision to move forward. This is no longer necessary now that Carter Architectural Panels has made these simple solutions available to your company, you will recognize instantly just how simple we have made it for you to integrate a new product line into your current business model.  You will enjoy the manufacturing cost savings and profitability that will come from utilizing our turn-key architectural wall panel solutions. Simply put, this can be a game changing opportunity for your current fabrication or installation business.

It has now been made possible to find a turn-key solution that allows you to reduce the fear of change and accelerate the steps to becoming an active ACM panel fabricator. In approaching these companies that are on the verge, we have seen time and time again the delightful surprise that they exhibit when our turn-key solution is offered to them. It almost becomes a relief to them that this type of solutions really does exist and that we are so willing to walk them through the process of integrating these solutions into their current business models. I am speaking specifically about sheet metal fabricators, glass and glazing houses and commercial roofing companies who have been able to successfully integrate our product in their established companies.

The trend we have observed to date is that the companies who have been the most proactive in taking advantage of the solutions we offer have also been the most open to listening to product presentations, engaging in industry specific conversations, are genuinely interested in learning from others and enjoy sharing their past and present business experiences with us. It should also not come as a surprise to anyone that these companies have aggressively taken advantage of the opportunity to improve and diversify their businesses, as well as improve their bottom line with something that's in line with what they're already participating in.

Now their greatest question is: "Carter Architectural Panels is actually going to get help us with this? You're going to make it easy for me? Then I'll take that solution!"

It is never not too late to make a positive change that's going to help you build your business and increase your profitability while sustaining long-term growth!

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