Nov 21 2016   |   by Joel McKinely   |   Testing, ACM Systems, Designing

The First Ever Nationally Recognized ACM Wall Panel System

Historically, as it pertains to ACM wall panel designs or ACM wall panel systems, one of the biggest challenges that the industry has struggled with is the single-source specification. This is where only one manufacturer is listed or one type of panel design is specified as the desired wall panel, for a project. It becomes very difficult if not impossible to follow these specs, and the result to date is often an open invitation for alternate systems or untested systems to be submitted for a building project. The main problem this causes is injecting multiple system designs, details, fabrication and installation methods into a scenario where budgets need to be met or specific design criteria needs to be met while trying to achieve a competitive price that is not apples to apples. It is not uncommon that the single source design or manufacturer that's been listed could be on the other side of the United States, or up in Canada, and it could be very difficult for a fabricator to service the project that they have been spec’d on - typically by way of cut and paste practices.

So the solution that we bring to the table, by having the first ever nationally-recognized ACM panel system, is to enable all architectural firms to make wiser decisions by providing them with a fully tested design, not single-sourced, and that is made available through our network of hand-selected manufacturers. Decision-makers can rest easy knowing that when specifying the EVOTM Rivetless product line or FusionTM Drillfree product line, that there is a competent group of manufacturers across North America they can draw from, which will do 2 things:

  1. The network will ensure fair, quality pricing for all bids, no matter the geographical location; and

  2. Architects/Owners no longer have to sacrifice the quality of product they expect to see arrive on their job site, due to concerns for meeting construction timelines. This almost always becomes a concern with single source specs.

Another huge benefit to having a nationally-recognized system is, that finally, there is the ability to properly service all Corporate Identity Programs (CID), such as: automotive manufacturing companies, warehouse distribution companies, grocery store chains, restaurants, banks or other service companies. These large companies are seeking a true, consistent corporate identity when they are considering a rebrand or refresh their corporate image. But because there has never been a nationally-recognized ACM wall panel system to bolster their confidence in accomplishing their desired look, often the CID program falls far short of meeting their expectations.

Attempting to achieve a true corporate Identity program across North America has been impossible until now, because no one façade panel manufacturer could possibly service the whole country or all of North America.  It is completely unrealistic to think one manufacturer can service every job or construction site that will require their product. For the first time however, Carter Architectural Panels Inc., through our manufacturers network, accomplishes that, enabling large corporations to achieve exact likeness of their exterior image, regardless of their locations throughout North America.

The EVOTM and FUSIONTM network provides all architects, specification writers and design houses with the benefit of an aesthetically superior and consistent cladding system, designed for performance, while maintaining common CAD detailing and manufacturing and installation techniques. To the architect’s advantage, our fabricating network can now assume the role of consultative customer service through their promotion and knowledge of both the EVO™ and FUSION™ panel systems. Any lack of prior understanding the architect or their customers may have had as it relates to panel component within the building envelope, is now learned, appreciated and acknowledged through our EVO and Fusion ACM wall panel designs. The intentional development of this first ever network was conceived to perfect and expedite the process of manufacturing and delivery of a fully finished panel systems to your job site.

The ability to supply coast-to-coast projects, while maintaining consistency and a nationally-recognized system, has become a clear advantage to all architectural firms.  The immediate impact this model has had makes choosing both EVO and Fusion as a basis of design almost a no brainer! Our mandate in our quest to continually educate the construction industry will be continuing to recommend that you choose a quality system first and focus on colors and finishes second.

Interestingly enough, we have recently witnessed a reduction in the learning curve of young architects and an increase in their appreciation for the foundation we have put in place though our network. They have seen that by having a nationally-recognized ACM system, their firms now have a reference point from within their own organizations that allow them to apply a design specification between different building projects amongst their in-house architects.

Already, we have a nationally-recognized architectural firm who has experienced this benefit first hand.  They had an ACM wall panel project in Virginia Beach, VA that was specified with the EVO™ Rivetless continuous expression wall panel system. They were pleased with the results and because of that they were able to apply the same design with a government project at Camp Pendleton in California months later with a different architect who was less experienced. Our network serviced both projects successfully!

Because of this consistency in design and the ability to procure materials from local fabricators, this allowed the architectural firm to have a consistent design nationally that required little training for the inexperienced architect.  Subsequently, they saved time and money because they used the same specification in both locations. Due to the trust within their own organization and the availability of the EVO™ system coast-to-coast, the nasty trend of using a non-specified panel system but a specified plank manufacturer in its place was not able to continue.  That’s incremental change with a big impact!

With there being over 300 composite panel manufacturers in the United States alone, consistency amongst projects and the ease of integrating system details into each individual set of drawings is virtually impossible. Every fabricator has different details and a different approach to fabrication and installation. For us to be able to provide consistent details that are used across the country between our network of panel fabricators and manufacturers makes the architectural firms' lives a lot simpler. It doesn't matter where their job site is; they simply integrate the same common panel details into each and every set of architectural drawings.

Do your own research, and be the next to benefit from our FUSION™ and EVO™ systems!

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