Dec 19 2016   |   by Joel McKinely   |   Testing, ACM Systems, Designing

How to Design a Cost-Effective Thermally Broken Wall Panel Assembly

When designing a thermally broken wall panel system, it is imperative that you look beyond the exterior panel and panel system components. It is important to consider the entire building envelope and how the individual products will work together. ASHRAE 90.1(thermally broken wall assemblies) is the building code standard that is becoming a hot topic and will soon become a required specification to meet, in almost all wall panel assembly designs. Moving forward, component solutions that are ASHRAE 90.1 compliant will be sought-after products and most desirable if they are Value Engineered (VE) options. Currently, the most popular way to comply with ASHRAE 90.1 is to add expensive fiberglass or polyethylene isolated, thermally broken clip components, to the conventional wall assembly construction.These now often used clips or sub-girts can be extremely expensive, adding what we believe to be massive additional material and installation cost to your project. Alternatively, there are tested products now available that combine innovative materials with a smarter design solution, that satisfy ASHRAE 90.1.  Utilizing EVOMAXci™ within your design in lieu of thermal clips, would be such an alternative and it has proven to be a cost effective method to achieving thermally broken assemblies, while saving money on labor and expediting construction time-lines.

What we have been able to achieve with our wall panel assembly solution, EVOMAXci™, is the ability to check two very important boxes for the project owner. Number one, we are able to Value Engineer (VE) the building envelope by removing traditional components; two, create a highly efficient structure through the use of double foil faced poly-isocyanurate (poly-iso). With EVOMAXci™ we have moved to a wall design that uses a rigid outboard insulation/vapor barrier, rather than insulating within the stud walls and using conventional peel and stick membranes. This system design eliminates thermal transfer to the interior wall, thereby making the EVOMAXci™ wall panel systems ASHRAE 90.1 compliant. 

With ASHRAE 90.1 showing up in specifications more often, it has created the opportunity for expensive new components to be introduced into the wall assembly. Through our strategic partnerships with Rmax and Alucoil, we have chosen to adopt the “Keep It Simple” (KIS) approach, and stay away from expensive thermal clips or resin coated sub girts. In EVOMAXci™ we’ve developed a simpler more effective, efficient, economic and environmental conscious wall panel solution. Who’s not interested in that?

EVOMAXci™ not only complies with ASHRAE 90.1, but also meets NFPA-285 requirements as an advantageous benefit!  Clearly, EVOMAXci™ is a win-win for the architect, the owner and the building itself!  We "Keep It Simple" by using high quality affordable building materials in our design approach and steer away from conventional construction methods. The measurable economic benefits to our VE approach, encompasses partnering with construction companies whose expertise translates into real savings through competitive costing for architects to be considering on behalf of their clients.  

Additionally, negating thermal-transfer should result in significant savings for the owner, in the annual operation costs of a building. There are also environmental benefits that can be derived from the economical design of the EVOMAXci™ envelope solution. Now more than ever, building sciences have shown that many older buildings that are standing in most urban centers are the producers of poor interior air quality.  This can be attributed to old technology, inferior building materials and the designed wall assemblies of a different era.

The EVOMAXci™ system addresses this for both new construction or the retro fit of older buildings, through the use of quality components and an effective, simple design. The manufacturers of EVOMAXci™ paid specific attention to detail when designing this building envelope solution. The learned knowledge of what hasn't worked, has enabled us to arrive at a system that will provide long lasting economic and environmental solutions to building management, human comfort and compliance with the ASHRAE 90.1 requirement.

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