Jul 14 2017   |   by Joel McKinely   |   ACM Systems

Meet the New EVO285 Wall Panel System, A First of Its Kind!

It is with great pride and excitement that Carter Architectural Panels Inc. officially introduces EVO285 to the architectural wall panel industry. Through our diligent commitment to bring better solutions to the architectural community, and a focused goal developed together with our trusted partners, we now bring to market, a true game changer. EVO285 is finally available all across North America, through our hand selected EVO manufacturing collective, representing the nation’s first and only nationally recognized ACM system design.

This real world wall assembly has been developed specifically to aid architects, designers and spec writers in solving some of the mysteries behind NFPA 285, full system fire testing. Through countless one on one conversations with decision makers we quickly recognized a massive need to provide a new standard; one by which all other wall panel assemblies should be measured. We are now able to provide that standard, through our concrete relationships with key “Made in America” construction material providers. Our approach of three heads is better than one, could not better describe the working relationship Carter Architectural Panels Inc., and has built with larson by Alucoil and Roxul®. These companies have excellent reputations founded on their shared approach to business. Providing better solutions and even better customer service is what we have in common, which made our decision to develop a fully tested, real world, wall assembly, that complies with NFPA 285 such an easy one.

In the past, others in the industry have chosen to cut corners when designing wall assemblies that they knew would make passing a “full system” fire test easier for themselves. This has been accomplished by means of selecting specific panel module sizes, manipulating reveal locations, or limiting the products included behind the panels within the wall assembly. The problem with this approach is that if you are burning a wall assembly that does not accurately represent a real world scenario, one that you may find on constructions sites all across North America, then you are exposing yourself, and others, to a massive amount of liability. This approach was simply unacceptable to us. We felt strongly, that in order for us to put our names on something that the industry could truly trust, it must be constructed in the exact same manner in the lab, as it would be on a job site. This approach seems rational I’m sure. However, it brings with it new challenges we were more than happy to meet head on.

The result is a true representation of today’s tried and tested building methods using only the best materials available: Georgia Pacific Densglass Gold, Henry Blueskin SA self-adhered, self gasketing AVB, Roxul Cavity Rock®, fire retardant insulation, 18Ga G-90 galvanized sub girts, larson by Alucoil 4mm FR core ACM plank and last but not least, the most stringently tested ACM panel design on the market, the EVO “rivetless” Architectural Panel System.

If what you have read so far seems too good to be true, then you are about to be blown away as the best part is yet to come. Typically, when designing an NFPA 285 compliant wall assembly for a new construction project, the designer has very few choices. Traditionally only a hand full of ACM panel fabricators have tested systems and they are more than likely not in the region where the project is being built. This can make the challenge of procuring adequate materials a daunting one due to geography. More often than not, the lack of options for NFPA 285 systems choices force architects to begrudgingly accept engineering deviations or alternate system designs that do not meet spec. This only adds more work and requires sorting through details for multiple systems that all have different fabrication methods, installation methods and have been tested to different criteria; if tested at all.

With the EVO285 wall solution, this is no longer a concern. Our first ever, nationally recognized system design, can be sourced by multiple fabricators in all geographic regions, across North America. Now the need to accept lower quality systems or scary engineering judgments no longer exists. You, the architect, designer or decision maker will always be guaranteed three simple things. 1) Only the highest quality EVO285 products will appear on your project. 2) You will always receive competitive project pricing on the exact same product, no matter where it is sourced, as we have ensured the “single source spec” is no longer a concern. 3) You will have happy customers, with a beautiful looking architectural façade, that is guaranteed to perform for years to come! 

The proof is in the testing documents, and they can all be found at www.caddetails.com. This user friendly architectural resource library houses all things EVO. Simply visit the site, and enter EVO in their search bar. To find a list of approved EVO manufacturers, please visit www.evopanels.com and click on the locations tab at the top of the home page.

We look forward to working with you on your next signature project, and trust that you will experience firsthand the benefits of choosing our professional group of associates.

The building envelope wall assembly is becoming the focus of testing for new standards and innovations to meet the challenges for the urban build-out, like NFPA 285.  Our shared confidence and corporate values enable Roxul and EVOTM to bring superior safety and performance into the marketplace through partnering on the EVO285 CavityRock wall system.  With the semi-rigid CavityRock insulation, superior thermal efficiency , fire resistance, moisture control and acoustic performance of the dual-density layers, our EVO285 wall solution is rock solid.  We are a good fit because entrepreneurs who abide by their principles and remain innovative toward excellence in tackling problems with purpose and resolve can make the world better to live in and business better.

Industry Specific Testimonials

“It was a pleasure to work with Carter Architectural Panels Inc. on the development of this system that will perform as needed in the field and is designed and tested to meet the updated requirements (2018) of the NFPA 285 fire test. The design of this system provides continuity in the installed system from a number of fabricators across North America and also gives the designer confidence that the chosen system is tested to fully meet the requirements of the International Building Code.”

Andy Williams, PE
Panel Cladding Solutions
Fire Code Consultant


As a national wall panel supplier, it is crucial for the building owner, general contractor and architect to truly understand how the EVO285 can positively impact the buildings that they construct.  The reality is that to eliminate unwanted liability, by offering a system that is a true and tested wall panel assembly that complies with the NFPA 285 makes good sense.

The NFPA 285 is a Standard Fire Test Method for Evaluation of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Non Load Bearing Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components.  The whole purpose of requiring NFPA 285 compliance is to regulate combustible components in exterior wall assemblies of multistory buildings, and limit fire spread to other floors or adjacent areas.

The bottom line is that Quality Metalcrafts, LLC understood the strength of including the EVO system to the AMERICLAD product line. The system is a fully tested, pressure equalized system that complies with the NFPA 285, with an added bonus of being a Rivetless system that is still mechanically fastened.  A superior design that is unmatched in the ACM/MCM composite marketplace.

Mike Wallace President
Quality Metalcrafts, LLC/AMERICLAD
Rogers, Minnesota & Houston, Texas Locations


Through my experience working with 3 manufacturers of façade products, one thing has been abundantly clear to me: there is mass confusion in regards to NFPA 285 testing. How do you achieve compliance with variations between the tests and what your builder says is possible on a ‘real wall’? You would be hard pressed to find many facade manufacturers publish the actual details of their NFPA 285 compliance as they know it would vary greatly from what their customers are actually doing in regards to materials used, spacing, and attachment systems. Working with the Carter Panels team has been so refreshing as they are the ‘real deal’ when it comes to practical knowledge and know how. I believe they have taken that practical mindset to all facets of their business; including a NFPA 285 compliant system that is spotlighted and not hidden in the darkness.

Grason Cook
National Sales Manager
Alucoil North America


“The EVO285 system combines functionality, aesthetics and performance to allow you the design freedom while not compromising on fire safety. This new NFPA 285 compliant design leverages the strengths of 3 great companies that all create products with a unique value proposition to finally give the market something that it has been in desperate need of.”

Thomas Hackett
Technical Support Manager


In light of the recent tragedy in London, England the introduction of EVO285 to the North America panel market couldn’t be more-timely. While we share in the senseless loss of life, and as members of the construction fraternity, it is prudent for each of us, and in particular for Architects and Designers to investigate and implement a fully tested wall composition for exterior cladding facades. By utilizing EVO 285, projects will be designed, fabricated and erected with tested assemblies, including Henry Company air barrier, galvanized furring bars, Roxul Cavityrock insulation, with Larson FR core ACM and our EVO rivetless Architectural Panel System.

As a national fabricator and erector, Kanalco Ltd. has embraced the use of the EVO rivetless Architectural PanelSystem on many of its projects, and continues to promote the advantages to the Architectural community. The days of wasted shop hours in assembly, and revisiting completed job sites to touch up faded color match rivets are behind those of us who are fortunate to be members within the EVO group. At Kanalco Ltd., we look forward to being part of future designs utilizing EVO285 assemblies when required, and the EVO rivetless Architectural Panel System.

Greg Iannarilli
Kanalco Limited


“The metal panel industry continues to evolve as we see more and more ACM panels being incorporated into the building designs. Due to the latest building code developments and need for continued safety and constructability, we are proud to be a part of the team that helped in the development and installation for the EVO NFP285 fire test. As the Texas distributor for the new EVO 285 Cladding Solution, we see this as the new industry standard and obvious choice for the architects, GC’s and owner’s to use in all of their future projects.”

Gary Byrd
Proline Panels
EVO285 Architectural Binder

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