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Meet the New EVO285 Wall Panel System, A First of Its Kind!

It is with great pride and excitement that Carter Architectural Panels Inc. officially introduces EVO285 to the ...

by Joel McKinley  |  14 July 2017
Writing a Proper Specification for Division 07 ACM Wall Panel Systems

As the ACM wall panel industry has grown and continued to gain market share over traditional 1/8” aluminum ...

by Joel McKinley  |  5 January 2017
How to Design a Cost-Effective Thermally Broken Wall Panel Assembly

When designing a thermally broken wall panel system, it is imperative that you look beyond the exterior panel ...

by Joel McKinley  |  19 December 2016
The Use of Exposed Fasteners in Composite Panel Systems

With the composite panel industry ever changing and rapidly becoming more competitive each and every year ...

by Joel McKinley  |  5 December 2016
The First Ever Nationally Recognized ACM Wall Panel System

Historically, as it pertains to ACM wall panel designs or ACM wall panel systems, one of the biggest challenges ...

by Joel McKinley  |  21 November 2016
What Is The Difference Between AAMA 508-07 and AAMA 509-09 Wall Panel System?

The significant difference between these two types of wall cladding systems, hinges on the amount of water ...

by Joel McKinley  |  3 November 2016
Putting the Profit into Aluminum Composite Wall Panel Sales

The Aluminum Composite Material or ACM industry has become very competitive both in the US and ...

by Joel McKinley  |  October 20 2016
Turn-Key Solutions for Fabricators and Installers That Want to Manufacturer Aluminum Composite Panel Systems

More often than not, when we are contacted by construction industry professionals who may be interested in ...

by Joel McKinley  |  4 October 2016
What's the Importance of Specifying a Tested Wall Panel System?

We often get asked this question by people looking to construct a building that will stand the test of time, free ...

by Joel McKinley  |  22 September 2016